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The synthetic low temperature and high speed lubricant with low internal friction is recommended to lubricate plain and roller bearings that are subjected to low temperature and high circumferential speeds with temperature range of -50˚C to + 120˚C.

Recommended For
  • TFO Pot bearings,
  • Autoconer drum shaft bearings
  • Autoconer wet splicer kit and 
  • O.E spinning rotor bearings
  • miniature or high precision bearings

BECHEM Berulub FB 38

BECHEM Berulub FB 38 is a heavy duty long life grease for lubrication of plain and roller bearings that are exposed to severe operating conditions, extreme temperatures, high loads, corrosion, vibrations and outdoor conditions.


BECHEM Berutox M21 EPK is specially developed multipurpose grease designed for lubrication of equipments and mechanisms that are subjected to corrosive environments, high temperatures and heavy as well as shock loads. Berutox M21 EPK exhibits good adhesive property on bearing surfaces and prevents water or dust particle deposition on mechanisms

BECHEM Highlub Textile Super

BECHEM Highlub Textile Super is a high performance multipurpose grease for plain and roller bearings that are subjected to high loads. With solid lubricants to prevent metal-to-metal contact in the area of mixed and boundary friction, BECHEM Highlub Textile Super has excellent load bearing ability and limits wear.

BECHEM Beruplex LI EP 2

High performance grease used to lubricate plain and roller bearings exposed to high and low temperatures. BECHEM Beruplex LI EP 2 is an ideal lubricant for extreme environmental conditions such as humidity, aggressive atmosphere and water exposure.


BECHCEM Highlub HTA is a high temperature multipurpose grease for extended lubrication of plain and roller bearings that are subjected to high temperatures and speeds. This specially formulated high performance lubricant protects bearings from abrasive build up and ensures lubrication even at high loads. With a temperature service range of -25°C to + 190°C, Highlub HTA is recommended for application in

  • Thrust bearings
  • Hot air fans
  • Pneumafil motor bearings
  • Humidification plant motor bearings and
  • Systems exposed to severe heat radiation

BECHEM Berusynth GP 150

BECHEM Berusynth GP 150 is high performance synthetic gear and circulation oil with EP additives for gearboxes running under high mechanical or thermal loads. Possessing excellent oxidation stability and shear resistance, extended oil changing intervals can be achieved with BECHEM Berusynth GP 150.

This synthetic lubricant with high viscosity index is recommended for spur, conical and worm gears used in textile mills, winches, cranes and conveyors. With wide service temperature range, Berusynth GP 150 can be used in gear boxes and circulation systems that operate continuously in temperatures above 100˚C as well as mechanisms that operate in freezing conditions

BECHEM Beruspin High grade 10

'BECHEM Beruspin High grade 10' is an ultra refined oil with low viscosity best suited for easy flow and slow decomposition. BeruspinHighgrade 10 exhibits excellent oxidation resistance giving it extended service life of one year plus to users. BeruspinHighgrade 10 also possesses corrosion inhibitors for bearing protection, anti-wear additives for wear protection and minimum residue formation.

The product is recommended for high speed machine elements in textile applications, especially on spinning and twister spindles.