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Clamp Meters

Used for
  • Circuit loads up to 3000 A
  • Voltage, resistance, capacitance, contact and non-contact temperature measurement.

Applications in Manufacturing
  • Inspecting electrical distribution systems.
  • Diagnosing HVACR, Chillers
  • Motor/motor control diagnostics
  • Circuit balancing and loading

Digital MultiMeters

Used for
  • Essential Electrical Testing
  • Indentifying inrush , spikes and sags
  • Non-contact voltage detection

Applications in Manufacturing
  • Maintaining motor controls
  • Electrical panel diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting pumps drives


Used for
  • Contact or non-contact temperature measurements
  • Differential temperature Calculations
  • Monitoring Moving Components

Applications in Manufacturing
  • HVAC Sub-cooling superheat
  • Overheating detection
  • Infectious disease Screening

Power Analyzers

Used for
  • Diagnosing power quality issues
  • Monitoring electrical demand trends
  • Identifying equipment inefficiency

Applications in Manufacturing
  • Harmonics analysis
  • Power Factor measurements
  • Energy Usage Benchmarking


Used for
  • Measuring Motor Conveyor and belt speed
  • Reducing Premature wear

Applications in Manufacturing
  • Motor conveyor and belt speeds
  • Pump Efficiency

Environmental Meters

Used for
  • Monitoring Humidity, temperature and airflow
  • Measuring light, noise levels
  • Monitoring CO and CO2 Levels

Applications in Manufacturing
  • Identify mold and static
  • Troubleshooting HVAC IAQ
  • Optimizing light/sound in work areas

Electrical Testers

Used for
  • Tracing outlets to breakers
  • Testing continuity in circuits
  • Identifying rotary field indication

Applications in Manufacturing
  • Check 3-phase sequence and motor rotation.
  • Wiring installation and troubleshooting
  • Insulation resistance testing

Inspection Tools

Used for
  • Electrical equipment diagnostics
  • HVAC Diagnostics
  • Building envelope Inefficiency

Applications in Manufacturing
  • Electrical panels and motors stream traps/valves
  • Overheating equipment
  • Hard to each visual Inspections