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Product Name Product Description PDS/MSDS
Electrical Cleaner Spray TC 22 Off line cleaning of all types of electrical circuits & circuit breakers, electronic components, PCB's, regulators and switches.
Online Cleaner Spray TC 26 Non flammable blend of high purity cleaners designed to clean electrical contacts,control panels and switches.
Product Name Product Description PDS/MSDS
AC Spray TC 24 Non-staining synthetic lubricant cum cleaner for textile machinery parts such as scissors and cutting mechanisms of knotters and splicers.
Mould Release Spray TC 41 Silicone based parting agent for injection moulding and extrusion of plastics components.
Adhesive Chain Lube Spray TC 42 Highly adhesive, high load carrying capacity with EP properties. Eliminates metal-metal contact, offers excellent protection against corrosion,friction and wear.
Anti Spatter Spray TC 44 Silicone based welding aid for all types of welding jobs, used for MIG/TIG welding applications.
Food Grade Lube Spray TC 45 Lubrication of chains, cutting knives & other equipments in food, brewery & beverage industry.
Moly Spray TC 75 Lubrication of cams, bearings & gears. Used as a high speed, anti wear, EP lubricant for sliding parts in textile machineries in Auto coners.
Belt Maintenance Spray TC 77 Non staining, high tack, water resistant synthetic belt conditioning treatment for improving grippage and preventing belt slippage for all flat, round and V-belts.
Product Name Product Description PDS/MSDS
Conformal Coating Spray TC 71 Fast drying acrylic resin based product for the protection of printed circuit boards and other electrical equipments. It meets MIL - I - 46058C & RoHS requirements.
Dry Graphite Spray TC 73 Lowers friction, prevents galling and seizure, does not attract dust, provides oil free lubrication to sliding components.